Sono affascinato dalle nuove forme di narrazione che nascono dall'evoluzione dei media e dalle possibilità generate dalla multimedialità. Ho ideato e realizzato City by Subway. 


City by Subway is an urban video storytelling platform, whose purpose is to bring out the value of a city, and of its main activities – from culture and art, to craftsmanship and shopping. This is not a typical tourist guide, providing just information. It’s rather a platform for sharing pictures, videos, and stories about a city. It is a collaborative project and constantly updated collection of impressions, and emotive glimpses. Due to its editorial structure, City by Subway is both a tale and a travel tool.

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With the passion and creativity of filmmakers and content professionals like you, City by Subway could grow to be a truly great collective documentary.

Upload to Vimeo a quality video that represents your own city, or a favorite city. Be sure to allow the possibility for it to be embedded in the City by Subway platform and include your contact details.

Want to learn more? Write directly to Filmmaker and City by Subway founder Max Borsani at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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A worldwide collective storytelling project.

This is the story of a single yellow tennis ball that had always been on a tennis court and never seen anything else. That was her prison. She couldn't imagine life outside the court, but she had heard there was a world to visit out there. And that was her dream. One day, after a tennis player's error, the ball found herself outside the court, all alone. She was happy, but without the help of a person, she was unable to move. Then someone noticed her. A man began to play with her, kicking her along the grass. The tennis ball was so happy. Suddenly, the man throws the tennis ball with great strength. And, her story around the world begins... Help the yellow tennis ball to make her dream true! Bring her around the world and tell your story. This is a worldwide collective storytelling project. We hope will involve many along the journey....

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